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As well as stocking items in the UK for fast, worldwide delivery, we can also source items at your request. Here’s a quick look at the process:


Please contact us with your request. Most of the sourcing is done on Yahoo Auctions but JDM Addict can shop at most major outlets on your behalf. We do not currently import large parts such as body kits or engines. There are the usual restrictions on imports but all requests are considered. We can import anything from toys to clothes to car parts, no problem.



It’s better if you have found the item yourself but if you can’t then JDM Addict will find your desired items for you. Most of our items come by air freight so the wait is short, larger items such as shock absorbers or wheels will come by sea. The cost of freight is included in the quote. Import taxes are paid by JDM Addict, the price you see will be the price you pay to your door.


Once you’re happy with your quote, JDM Addict will take 50% of the full cost of the item up front. If you’re in the UK, there’s no extra to pay as we cover the import taxes, usually as part of a larger shipment. Once the item arrives in the UK, we’ll contact you for the balance. If you’re an international customer, you may be required to pay 100% up front.


Minimum fee


You find the item(s). Item(s) price over ¥62,000.


You find the item(s). Item(s) price from ¥32,000 to ¥62,000.


You find the item(s). Item(s) price up to ¥32,000.


We find the item for you. Any price.

Fees are charged on the cost of the item to the warehouse in Japan. This means the bank transfer or credit card fees for payment to the vendor in Yen, the internal shipping and the insurance for the internal shipping are all included. Tyre removal, if required, will also be included.

If you want alloy wheels shipped and they come with tyres, the fee to remove and dispose of the tyres is ¥3,000 per wheel. If your wheels come with tyres then they must be removed before shipping, regardless of their value. This is non-negotiable.

Internal shipping is sometimes quoted on Yahoo auction pages – if not near the price then sometimes in the body of the item description – and almost always for stores like Rakuten.

When you ask us to quote an item, if you’re in the UK, the quote will be to your door including all taxes and fees. Items are shipped to us for a quality inspection and then shipped on to you at no extra charge. The quote you receive, which forms the basis for the deposit you pay, will never go up but may well go down; we use experience to price both internal shipping where a price is not obvious on the item page and international shipping.

Before proceeding with bidding or buying any item, we must take a deposit which will be 50% of the quote you receive or your maximum budget. The 50% deposit will be paid by bank transfer to our business bank account in advance of bidding or buying an item, the remaining balance, which can be paid by credit or debit card or bank transfer, is to be paid when the item arrives in the UK and the condition is inspected by us to be satisfactory. Your quote may go down in price but will never go up.

Please see the FAQ’s below for further information about your deposit and balance payments.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my Japan buying service

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Can you buy from any store or is it just Yahoo Auctions?

We can purchase items from most major stores in Japan including but not limited to Up Garage, Amazon, Rakuten, i-parts and many more. Contact us if you’d like to see if I can buy from somewhere specific for you.

Can you find an item for me if I can't find it myself?

Yes, we can. Searching Yahoo or other outlets is relatively simple these days with the accuracy of Google Translate. We would suggest you at least attempt to find the item yourself first as we’ll charge a higher percentage, detailed above, to find it for you.

Can you ship to addresses in Japan?

No. We can’t send to any domestic address in Japan and we can’t send to hotels or other exporters.

Can you get anything from Japan?

Technically, yes; in practice, no. We can’t ship large or ultra-heavy items like bumpers or engines at the moment. There are also limitations on what can be shipped, please see the next question. Contact us if you’re unsure if I’ll be able to get your item to you.

Are there limitations on what can be shipped?

Yes. Typical shipping regulations apply. We can’t ship tobacco, alcohol or weapons including firearms and swords (including models or replicas). We also can’t ship adult products, ivory, medication or currency. Live animals and plants are also prohibited. We can’t ship airbags, seatbelts or anything else with an explosive element. Tyres also must be removed from wheels before they are shipped regardless of how new or expensive they are. Items with built in lithium batteries are fine, regular batteries are fine, lose lithium batteries are prohibited. Contact us if you’re unsure if we’ll be able to get your item to you.

Do I have to pick the package up from a port?

No. Items will be sent directly to your door. If you miss the delivery, as with all deliveries you may be required to pick the item up from a local depot.

Can you combine orders to reduce the shipping costs?

Definitely! It’s a good idea to combine items to save shipping costs so we can do that for you. Combining large or heavy items with small or fragile items is not ideal so consider what you’re asking me to combine before we do so – we will suggest you don’t combine items if we judge them to be particularly liable to breakage. If your order is small, it might be combined with other people’s orders to save international shipping.

Can you ask the seller questions about the items?

Yes, certainly on Yahoo and sometimes in other stores. We can translate and forward questions on your behalf. We’ll forward you a link to the sellers reply on Yahoo. Please be advised that sellers often don’t bother to reply to questions.

Can you make an offer for an item on Yahoo Auctions on my behalf?

No. Sellers don’t typically accept offers, if they have a price in mind for the item it’ll be posted as the “Prompt Decision Price” and if not then it’s just bidding.

Can I cancel my bid?

No. Once we’re bidding on an item for you we cannot cancel that bid. That’s why we take a deposit; as soon as we bid we’ll be committed to buying the item if the bid is successful.

What happens if we don't win the bidding?

That’s up to you. You may wish to leave your deposit with us so it’s simpler to bid on another item or we can refund it immediately. We’ll contact you as soon as bidding finishes either way so just let us know what you’d like to do.

What happens if the item goes for less than my maximum bid?

The remainder of your deposit will go towards the ongoing costs including internal and international shipping and any other fees. If the deposit is large enough to cover everything then of course the balance will be refunded.

What's the deal with import taxes?

If you’re based in the UK, you don’t have to worry about that. Your items will actually be shipped to you from the UK and your quote is inclusive of either all or a portion of the import taxes (depending on whether or not your item is coming as part of a larger shipment – either way, there won’t be anything extra for you to pay). If you’re based outside of the UK and we ship directly to you from Japan then we’ll do our best to lower the fees by decreasing the value declared but only at your request as reducing the value of the invoice also obviously decreases the insurable value which could be an issue in the extremely unlikely event something were to go wrong with shipping.

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